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Powering Our Sustainability

Here in Maine, we all share a love for our land, our sea, and our fresh air. But, now more than ever, these natural joys need protecting, which is why the state has sparked a movement to offset its carbon emissions across the next 25 years. That means, over the coming two and a half decades, CMP will redesign day-to-day routines, shift toward renewable energy, and look ahead to sustainable breakthroughs from Maine’s brightest minds. We’re proud to support the state’s ambitious vision for a clean energy Maine. Here are just some of the steps we’re taking alongside our neighbors, with many more on the horizon.

How we’re powering on to a cleaner Maine

Electric Vehicles

We’re investing in a fleet of electric vehicles for CMP workers—helping them move around the state more sustainably than ever.

Electric Bucket Lifts

A number of our service trucks now have electric bucket lifts to prevent idling. This means zero emissions as they repair power lines and perform other day-to-day tasks.

Electric Vehicle Charging Program

Our electric vehicle charging station program plans to install electric vehicle charging across the state, allowing Mainers to travel like never before.

Rooftop Solar Connections

We’ve completed over 5,000 solar rooftop installations, aiding businesses as they make moves toward a more sustainable future.

Solar Farm Connections

As we look forward, plans are in place to connect the primary power grid to hundreds of solar farms—bringing renewable energy to homes of all kinds.

Wind Farm Connections

Connecting to wind farms is a major priority, as well. We’re working with 8 local wind farms to start who will deliver renewable energy to Maine homes.

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